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SV TV meets Merlene Emerson

SV TV’s David Blackmore meets Merlene Emerson, Lib Dem London-wide candidate. They talk about why people find the London elections so confusing, and with the Lib Dems taking quite a battering in the General Election last year, David asks if Merlene thinks this will be replicated across London in these elections.

They also discuss previous results in Sutton & Croydon that saw Abigail Lock, the previous Lib Dem candidate, coming very close to beating Labour to second in 2008 but was almost 30,000 votes away from Labour in 2012 and David asks if the realistic battle now for the Lib Dems here is to remain ahead of UKIP and the Green party. Merlene also gives her view on how much the EU referendum will impact the Lib Dem campaign in London?

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