Any offers for the Secombe or Charles Cryer?

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secombe-theatreSutton Council is inviting local organisations that have expressed an interest in renting the Secombe and Charles Cryer theatres to submit formal offers.

The request follows the recent  financial collapse of Sutton Theatres Trust, the private company that took over the running of both theatres last year.

A Sutton Council spokesperson said:

“Sutton Theatres Trust collapsed in August and the Secombe and Charles Cryer theatres have now been returned to Sutton Council. The council has no intention of running these theatres itself, nor, given the financial constraints under which the council is working, can it afford to subsidise their operation.

“Following the demise of Sutton Theatres Trust the council has been contacted by a few organisations who have expressed an interest in using the buildings. The council consequently wishes to establish the viability of these proposals by formally inviting offers from those interested in the buildings.

“All those who have already contacted Sutton Council will be invited to submit rental offers, setting out details of what they wish to use the buildings for and the level of rent they are able to pay. Additionally, the council will advertise the availability these buildings in the local press.

“We plan to complete this process by the end of November and will be looking place the advertisement within the next two weeks. We will be sending out brief property particulars to all those who respond to the advertisement and to those who have already contacted the council.”


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