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London Assembly unanimously condemns attack in London Bridge and Borough

The London Assembly yesterday (June 5) condemned the attack in London Bridge and Borough during an emergency meeting at City Hall.
A motion, agreed unanimously, said that London grows stronger in its resolve to stay united and that the capital will continue to enjoy its freedom and treasure its diversity.
During the meeting, Assembly Members offered their condolences to those affected by the attack and expressed their gratitude to the emergency services.
Jennette Arnold OBE AM, Chair of the London Assembly, who proposed the motion, said:
“At this time we are thinking about the victims and their loved ones as they attempt to come to terms with this harrowing attack.Once again we have witnessed the incredible bravery and skill of our emergency services. They have truly done us proud and we are grateful for everything they do to keep us safe.
Our city is shaken but we are not defeated. This attack was meant to divide us, it will only bring us closer. It was meant to weaken us, it will only make us grow together in strength. The aim of terrorists is always to destroy our values and our freedom, but how pathetically naïve they are because that will never, ever, be allowed to happen.”
Tony Arbour AM, Deputy Chairman of the London Assembly, who seconded the motion said:
“London will never bow to threats and extremism. Londoners have always resisted and triumphed over adversity and they will continue to do so. The London Assembly applauds the resilience of the capital and is proud to be part of this great democratic city.”

The full text of the Motion is:

“This Assembly ‎utterly condemns the cowardly and senseless attacks on innocent Londoners and visitors that took place in the London Bridge and Borough Market areas on the evening of 3 June. Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to those who were killed or injured, and to all those affected. We are with you. The stories of bravery and care for one another arising from the shocking events are testimony to the best of humanity, in amongst an example of the worst.

Our heartfelt thanks and admiration goes out to the ‎emergency services, with the swift and decisive actions of the police officers on the scene, putting their own lives at risk, preventing what surely would have been an even more horrific outcome. They are true heroes.

Finally, we say to all that our Capital grows stronger in its resolve to remain united. London will continue to enjoy its freedoms and treasure its diversity long after the terrorists have been beaten.‎

We will remain brave, we will be calm and we will carry on‎.”

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