Take the Riverside Jumble Trail on Sunday

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Jumble Trail to take place in Sutton on Sunday 6th August, allowing locals to sell and recycle unwanted items

Recycle for London and Jumble Trail have teamed up for a second time to bring Sutton residents together for a free event that encourages the community to come together whilst reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

The Sutton Jumble Trail is one of six events taking place across London from mid-July through to September, giving residents the opportunity to meet others in their local area to buy, sell or swap items that would otherwise go to waste, all in a street party atmosphere. Almost 9,000 people took part in last year’s Recycle for London Jumble Trails, with nearly nine out of 10 saying they would do so again.

The Sunday’s event will take place from 11am to 4pm in the Riverside area between the River Wandle and Limes Green. Successful trails have so far taken place in Havering, and before that, Wandsworth and this weekend will be followed by similar Jumble Trails in Greenwich, Brent and Merton.

Jumble Trails present an easy way for local people to meet each other while promoting a greener environment. Nearly half (47%) of those involved last year said their highlight was meeting neighbours or ‘having nice conversations’. A quarter (26%) listed ‘having a clear out’ of unwanted items as their highlight.

Martina Randles, Founder of Jumble Trail, said:

“It feels more important now than ever to bring people across the capital together, celebrate community spirit and connect with each other. Jumble Trails are a great, purposeful way for people of all ages and backgrounds to have fun while helping build a more sustainable planet for future generations. It’s a great excuse to have a street get-together, with all sorts of residents setting up outside their home for five or so hours, armed with an assortment of goodies, chatting to neighbours and passers-by.”

Only 32% of London’s household waste is recycled every year and on average over 46,700 tonnes of waste from residents’ homes is sent to landfill or burned every week. Much of this could be passed on to another home, recycled or even repaired, which Jumble Trails play a key role in helping to address.

Ali Moore, Campaign Manager at Recycle for London, said:

One person’s trash is another man’s treasure, which is why I’d encourage all Londoners who want to find a new home for unwanted items to sign up and take part in their local Jumble Trail. It’s all too easy to throw away something you no longer love or need, but every item re-used or passed on helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill or incineration – which benefits us all.”

Jumble Trails usually include between 40 and 100 households, with the largest yet hosting over 350 stalls. Each event has a designated Champion chosen for their dedication to their local community, and maps are provided on the day to help attendees navigate the stalls.

See below the full details of the Jumble Trail:

Riverside, Sutton, 6th Aug: http://www.jumbletrail.com/event/riverside //      https://www.facebook.com/events/255139464963458/


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