Noisy times ahead for our furry friends

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Photo credit: @ameliathecav

Autumn is a noisy time of year, loud and noisy bangs and crashes from fireworks and trick or treaters ringing the doorbell over and over can be unsettling and scary for our furry friends, and keeping them calm can be stressful for their owners too.

Help is at hand as the team at HOWND, the best-selling dog grooming brand has come up with some top tips to help your dog feel safe, relaxed and calm on Halloween, Bonfire and Diwali.

HOWND’s ideas to soothe anxious and agitated dogs include:

  • Stay active during the day and make sure your dog is physically tired before the fireworks and doorbell ringing starts. Give them a brisk 30-minute walk at the end of the day to wear them out so by the time evening comes they are nice and tired.

Give your dog a relaxing bath with HOWND’s lavender- and patchouli-infused Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo, and follow with a spritz and a gentle rub of Keep Calm Body Mist. Spray it around the home and the dog’s bedding for the ultimate chilled out human and pooch experience. Both products are Cruelty Free International certified and endorsed by The Ethical Company Organisation and Nature Watch Foundation.

  • Act normal. Dogs, like humans, can pick up when you are stressed, so HOWND recommends not to modify your behaviour when your dog is anxious. Talk to them in exactly the same way as you would normally – keep smiling, give them lots of attention, and they will feel reassured.

For more tips and ideas on how to help keep your pooch calm and relaxed whatever the time of year go to HOWND.

Photo credit: @ameliathecav


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