Trainer Joe joins gym hoping to do so much more than just improve fitness

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Personal trainer Joe Frobisher has recently joined Sutton’s Pure Gym with an aim to help those who want to focus on strength and conditioning. Through this he believes he can also help with boosting a person’s self confidence and feeling of wellbeing.

“Fitness surpasses just the physical aspects of the gym. An improved level of fitness will improve many different aspects of a person’s life. One of the most talked about is self-confidence and body image, having a good level of self-confidence can massively impact a person’s mental health.
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“My goal as a Personal Trainer is to not only improve a person’s body image and self-confidence but to give them the tools to transfer that self-confidence into every aspect of their lives and of course helping them build a healthy and fulfilling life that stems from fitness.

“I started playing rugby a young age which led to me stepping into a gym for the first time. At the time I had no idea what I was doing until I started researching and looking up different gym programmes and diets to help me progress, this is where my love and passion for the gym and training started. As my training started to become a big part of my life my rugby league career began to gain momentum and lead to me representing my country multiple times at the under 18 European festival.

“Due to this, I was granted a scholarship to the University of Central Lancashire where I completed my degree in strength and conditioning. Since then I have become REPS qualified and have embarked on obtaining my Master’s degree in strength and conditioning. Having a background in strength and conditioning and team sports has allowed me to work with many different sports teams including Grantham town FC and the British Army women’s rugby league team.

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