New service launched to help with those critical care choices

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A new Sutton based service, Encompass Living, has launched to help people with care and support needs to maintain their independence, remain living at home and get the best out of life. The new service will also help those who are supporting relatives requiring care to create a rapidly responsive bespoke, flexible package with the ability to be amended and developed as care requirements change.

People with assets of more than £23,250 are often called ‘self-funders’ and may not be eligible for assistance from their local authority towards the cost of their care and support. Many people agonise over the challenge of obtaining information, guidance and practical support, and often don’t know where to turn for help in identifying their options and negotiating with service providers.

Lorraine Thomas, the Managing Director of Encompass Living said, “People want information they know comes from a trusted source when they are faced with making decisions about the support they need to live independent and meaningful lives.

“Living life to the full can seem impossible when you don’t know what your options are and how your support needs can be met in order to maintain your independence. We offer a free assessment and work with people every step of the way to identify cost effective options. We provide a fast, responsive and supportive service and one that puts our customer at the heart of the decision-making process. This is all about them, their needs and how they can live the life they want.

“Encompass Living is designed to take the worry away to give them information, care and guidance as simply as possible.”

Lorraine went on to say, “We help people who may be elderly, infirm or have a physical or mental disability make the right care choice. We do this by identifying individual support needs and providing options specifically designed for them.  Our Care Navigators are accredited support brokers, so customers can be assured of a professional service.

Our free assessment provides the individual with a free document outlining recommendations for their personal essential care and support. The individual can then engage Encompass Living to provide further support through a three-tier service offer. The first is to develop a support plan, researching options for the customer and helping them make the choices that are right for them.  The second tier is to source those services and negotiate the best available costs, and the third is a weekly management service which ensures everything runs smoothly and the services continue to meet their needs.”

Head of Service for Encompass Living, Justin Walker said, “Think of us as Care Navigators, guiding people when they are at their most vulnerable and needing care or support to maintain independence or get the most out of life. People’s support and care needs do not come neatly packaged into one issue. The task of finding an individual’s support or care plan can be time-consuming and stressful for all concerned. It is very much a bespoke service aimed at the individual and their requirements to make their life better”

The new service is available now. For those faced with having to make those next step decisions regarding care, Encompass Living can be contacted through their website,, or by calling 020 8770 5350.

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