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Son receives kidneys from his parents

A renal patient at St Helier Hospital has received not one, but two priceless, selfless gifts from his parents – kidneys.

Ben Abbott, aged 27 from East Grinstead, has a condition which affects his kidney function. Ben’s mother donated a kidney to him following organ failure in 2010, but after seven years, sadly the kidney failed last year. That’s when Ben’s father Steve stepped up, flying over to the UK from Canada to donate his kidney through the kidney sharing scheme. The kidney sharing scheme allows donors and recipients who are not a compatible match (because of blood type, for example) to register in a national scheme to achieve compatible transplants with other pairs. This generous donation allowed Ben to receive his second transplant from another donor through the scheme.

Ben’s story is one that shows the life changing power that both organ donation and a supportive family can have on a person. On his experience, Ben said: “I am very pleased that I can live a normal life with my condition (thanks to this transplant) without the need for dialysis. I can do pretty much anything anyone else can do, as long as I keep myself healthy and hydrated – hence why I have joined the gym and play football regularly!

Ben has recovered well following the transplant, and has a very positive outlook on life. He said: “I am a very positive person (I get that from my Mum), so I will never let something get in the way of me living a happy and healthy life.”

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