Grandpa now knows that “keeping fit” is essential to “keeping up”

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I have had 10 personal trainers . Eight of those I have left and two of those have left me point I am now on number 11 Aaron and he is a keeper.

I mention this because of my experiences I know a thing about a thing or two about  schemes and styles of training.

You can guess from the fact that I have had so many personal trainers that I’ve been doing it for a long time and therefore you can guess that my progress has been slightly slower perhaps than many would have anticipated.

Looking back I wonder if that was because being offered the chance of getting”fit”  was too vague a notion for me to really focus on.

But now I have a reason to try to achieve a level of fitness and maintain it –  I have become a grandfather.

It happened seven months ago and through a happy set of circumstances I am being asked to offer “grandpa daycare”  while my son and daughter-in-law develop a” back to work” routine.

As my grandson has now started crawling and the requirement for constant attention and activity grows at last a real reason for spending time running,  cycling, swimming and yes even going to the gym has come into very clear view.

There is a message here not only for personal trainers, gyms, even  the government.

A considerable number of the advertising messages that I now receive are telling me that if I don’t do something to keep fit then I won’t be able to do something else.

I know that the government are spending a lot of money on telling us how we should we change our lifestyle to reduce the chance of such debilitating diseases as diabetes but perhaps they should start to focus on the positives of our age group and the positives that being fit can bring to our age groups. How much better it would be to say “ do more exercise because you will enjoy the life with your grandchild that little bit more.”

Grandparents be they men or women  in the most part want to, when they can, enjoy their grandchildren and as they grow there is no doubt at all that these grandchildren will become more active period.

So “keeping up” will be essential and “keeping fit” will help.

In Sutton High Street alone we have seen an explosion of gymnasiums but none that I can see is  maximising the opportunity that older people who have attained the status of grandparent may offer their business model. All I see is pictures of chiselled younger people straining for even greater perfection.

As for me working with Aaron while never easy has become more purposeful.

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