Free assessment will help with crucial care decisions -use it now

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As winter weather begins to bite there are increased concerns surrounding the care of loved ones. But with that decision comes a long list of questions including:
What is available?
What financial support can be obtained?
How do I choose?

A Sutton company Encompass Living offering advice and support has produced a free assessment to anyone looking to answer those and many more questions.

Click here to get the FREE ASSESSMENT

“We know it can be very stressful and confusing as the time when the decisions about short or long term care are being made which is why we are offering to help,” said a spokesperson.
“We can give impartial quality advice which can help those who need care can stay, safe feel less isolated and more independent.
“People think that care always means long term support and perhaps around the provision of residential care but there are so many other ways we can help to ease the burden from everything to helping with shopping, to arranging to organise all of the necessary payments.
“We will also work hard to ensure that the care provided is the most cost effective and appropriate for the needs identified.”
For full details of Encompass Living go to ENCOMPASS LIVING

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