New airspace plans for Heathrow – what is your view?

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Sometimes we all look skyward when we are asked to be part of a consultation. Currently the borough is in a debate on proposed parking changes following an extended consultation and we have been asked for our opinion on the Sutton Link and now there is another one.

One which may not immediately seem to be so close to home but actually one that could impact on all of us and the quality of our lives.

On January 8 Heathrow launched a consultation on changes to the airspace which would allow more planes to land in a different formation.

I went on to the website and it is a long read – perhaps as such a impactful consultation should be but I could see what the changes might mean but couldn’t see what the current situation is and what would change.

But it could have been me!

But either way I hope all those who have time will take part in the consultation and wonder whether there couldn’t be a role for the local authority to co-ordinate responses or at least help with the consultation in some way.

Here is the link to the consultation NEW FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS

What do you think about this?

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