PT Aaron has a “band” to help you get most from those gym exercises!

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To get the best from each exercise technique is important but sometimes it is difficult that technique from the get go.

Which is why Sutton personal trainer Aaron Choi has a “band” just for you.

Aaron has devised a range of techniques which ensure even the most novice in the gym can capture the right style and technique so get the maximum benefit for their hard work immediately.

“Just a few months ago I couldn’t do a pull up and now with Aaron’s help and of course the use of the various bands in his collection I can – they may not be perfect but it is a psychological barrier that ~I have broken,” said one of Aaron’s customers.

“More than that I was able to get the sensation of how to do it properly.”

“Such has been the success we have now moved on to band supported press ups to make sure I do them right and already I am down to the band which offers the least support. Two weeks ago I couldn’t do one!”

For details of Aaron’s PT sessions go to [email protected]

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