“Unprecedented” numbers of residents attend Sutton Council meeting to contest parking plans – listen to full debate here

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Mayor of Sutton Councillor Steve Cook in launching the latest Sutton Council meeting in Carshalton on Monday declared that the number of residents attending the meeting was “unprecedented”.

To listen to the full debate go to COUNCIL DEBATE 

A large number of concerned residents, from in and around St Helier, impacted by the first phase of the proposed borough wide parking strategy attended the meeting where councillors met to discuss the Council’s Parking Strategy.

To listen to the full debate go to COUNCIL DEBATE

Residents and councillors asked questions relating to the parking strategy covering such issues as, use by the residents of the scheme and the impact on them.

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  1. This whole scheme is purely a revenue exercise..whilst parking is an issue it could be sorted with permit only parking…you should be allowed to park in front of dropped kerbs outside your house and vans should not be penalised and definately should not to include saturdays

  2. Has anybody considered why this has all come about, there are major building projects all increasing the amount of people that live in the London Borough of Sutton, they all need to use St Helier Hospital and park in some of the areas discussed for different reasons, perhaps things like this should be considered before granting planning permission for large building projects…….Sooner or later this is going to cause trouble for water supplies, sewerage etc etc but money talks hey!

  3. One of the Councillors suggested resident parking only signs at the end of the roads with a small annual charge of £5 but no they want to make it impossible to own and use a car in the LBS and charge a fortune if u do. Disgraceful. I was at that meeting and we were told we couldn’t speak, just listen. Listen to people say we want the parking restrictions. Well we don’t. What’s more I wasn’t even aware this was happening until December 2018 because the sneaky Council apparently sent out letters looking like flyers then counted the nonresponses as agreements. Sneaky and underhanded and this was evident from many people turned up. Bad form LBS.

  4. I’m hoping to feature this on my CPA newsletter. While acknowledging that with the growth of more than one car per household (if it were not so there would not be this car-parking issue but one has to live in the real world) – it is a pity there is not some kind of park-and-ride scheme for folk coming into the borough, especially if they work at Epsom Hospital, eg? Also, could not parking space be made available to the rear of St Helier Hospital? How used is that?

  5. School-run Mums (or even Dads!) are also part of the problem. I’ve been reliably informed they park in spaces reserved for council staff-only and the staff just get abused when it’s pointed out to the parents. In front of their children who are going to be the law-abiding citizens of tomorrow?

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