Have your say in how best to involve all residents in decisions affecting their local area

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Sutton Council is seeking residents’ views on how it can best involve residents in decisions affecting their local area.

“Have you attended your local committee meeting? They are a great place for you to get involved and have your say. You can also apply for grants for community based projects.

” We are seeking your views on how we can best involve residents in decisions affecting their local area, have your say here: https://sutton.citizenspace.com/env…/local-committee-review/

Councillor Jayne McCoy, Deputy Leader of Sutton Council, explains more in the this short video.


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  1. The residents knew nothing about this until Sandra started the Facebook page. Poor communication! Decided on a very small percentage to go ahead with this scheme that people will lose jobs over due to not being able to park, people don’t want to move cars at 8 every day where are we going to put them, Lib Dem’s are not in real life and won’t let any residents talk at meetings maddness!!!!!

  2. It smacks of “too little too late”. A council that doesn’t engage with their residents? What is the point then? And why have you only just realised that engaging with the residents goes without saying. What have you been doing up until now? NOT engaging with residents? Surely even the most naive would know that engaging/communicating is a fundamental part of running the borough. To be honest I’m flabbergasted that issue has had to be raised. Not knowing how to engage with your residents in order to ask them how they think you should engage with them???!!!! Let’s vote to decide whether we should vote or not.

  3. The engagement and getting people’s attention is the difficult part. If you are circularising people by mail, then the mail-shot must not look like junk or party political information. Otherwise people will not read it. For a month prior to any consultation, there needs to be publicity that it is coming out – social media, local press etc (pre-consultation mail shots would be too expensive) – it is true that this won’t catch everyone, but at least it’s a start. Also, much of the documentation on the consultations is very lengthy, which is of course necessary. But these days people seldom read anything longer than a twitter message. So right at the top there should be bullet pointed one liners outlining what is proposed, any potential costs and other important information – a sort of high level headline summary. This might grab people’s attention and encourage them to read on and contribute to the discussion. Where questions are asked, yes/no or multiple choice questions are not always helpful. For example, on the parking consultation if the question is “Do you agree with controlled parking in your road” and the option is “Yes/No” this does not help someone who wants to answer “Yes, but not with the charging mechanism that you propose.” Clearly, it does not help information analysis and final conclusions if people can give free format answers, but I think something can be done to broaden the available answer options – you’ll never catch every variant of answer, but I think it needs to be better than it is. Then, as the consultation progresses, there are bound to be questions where people are not happy with the proposals. Although it is an administrative burden and indeed adds to the costs, it would be useful to have an orderly forum periodically where these questions can be posed and answered directly. The council should have a toll gate at each stage of the consultation which asks “Have the consultation criteria been fulfilled according to our plan?” The problem with the Parking consultation is that, rightly or wrongly, people believe that they have not been properly consulted. To resolve this needs proper programme management.

  4. I have found trying to engage with the Council, very difficult these past couple of years.
    Using the website is aggravating as invariably it “is down’.
    Being on hold for up to minutes to speak to someone (usually about problem with refuse bins ) is par for the course. Staff invariably are not very personable when they answer.

    Advetise opportunities to engage with the Council more widely.
    Don’t give up on physical notices and mailings.

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