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Local social enterprise Sutton Community Farm has launched an Open Community Share Offer, giving more members of the public the opportunity to buy shares in the business, and in so doing become investors in the farm. Sutton Community Farm is a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society – it is community owned by its shareholder members. Currently there are over 400 Members from the local community who support the farm and have a voice in how it is run.

Shares are £1 each, the minimum purchase value is £30 shares. Shares can be purchased via the farm’s website, upon completion of an application form.

The money raised from the sale of shares will be used to fund the wider aims of the project, such as purchasing additional farm equipment for volunteers, or contributing towards the costs of a new Barn being built on the farm later this year.

Community Share Members have voting rights at the farm’s Annual Members’ Meeting and receive a 5% discount on the first year of VegBoxes ordered from the farm.

Sutton Community Farm is a seven-acre farm producing over 250 varieties of vegetables and salad, which are sold directly to over 250 customers a week all over south London and Surrey via a VegBox scheme.

In 2018 the farm had a record-breaking year across all fronts and achieved the following:

Crop Production: 17,000kg+ of veg grown according to organic principles, which had a market value worth £87,000, and comprised of 253 different seed varieties

People & Community: 174 individual volunteers came to the farm, an average of 39 a week. 32% of volunteers had learning disabilities or other support needs. 506 children and young people visited the farm to learn about sustainable food production, and 500+ people came to the farm’s annual Harvest Festival.

VegBox Enterprise: 258 VegBoxes delivered on average each week throughout south London and Surrey, totalling 13,000+ over the year. For 16 weeks of the growing season there was more than 90% Sutton-grown veg filling the VegBoxes.

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