Sutton skateboarder bags medal at Tokyo Olympics ….

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…Well it could happen thanks to an initiative that’s been started by the Time Out Youth.

Project part of the Riverside Community Association Limited.

Equipment and funding was passed over the to Riverside from a charity recently and the

Community Association has already found a keen interest from youngsters aged between

seven five and 104 and had worked with over 150 since September of last year.

The borough already has a strong skateboarding fraternity but this new impetus

comes at a time when Skateboarding has been admitted as an Olympic sport and thus

‘Skoot’ is showing the way locally.

Skoot is the name of the project and with a focus on both skateboarding and scootering, is aiming to support children and young people (of all ages!), to not only develop their skills but also have fun, enjoy something healthy, make new friends and grow in confidence. Falling off and getting back on again is all part of the fun!.

Recently several young people showed their skills at the annual meeting of the Riverside Community Association and it was “cool “.

Yes I know coming from an older person it sounds all wrong but it is the best way to describe how previously completely untrained young people confidently flick their boards into their hands, manoeuvre around obstacles, and move seamlessly from one end of the track to another.

The borough has outdoor tracks but this is indoor skateboarding and can be used as a platform on which to build not only the skill level but the self-assurance which comes from undertaking a sport safely and competently.

Three Riverside staff are now Level 1 trained, through the support of Skateboard England and Street Games and have been working in local primary schools, outdoor spaces, providing after school clubs and holiday time activities.

So if we want to make the headline come true Riverside needs support to find more volunteers to support the young people and a better venue which will give them the space to add jumps and tricks to their repertoire.

Riverside has found a ”sport wave”; which it is ahead of and they need our help to make sure they surf into offering a fantastic opportunity to our borough’s youngest talent.

So if you have a hall that you would be prepared to offer for this activity please contact Dave Lunn 020 8669 9050 or [email protected]

Roger Mills

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