MP to increase efforts to improve access to medical cannabis

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Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake pledged to redouble his efforts in the on-going fight to improve access to medical cannabis after meeting the families of children with severe epilepsy last week.Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake said:
“The public are rightly outraged that medical cannabis is now legal, but very few have access to it. I have offered the families my unstinting support and will continue to put pressure on the Secretary of State, Matt Hancock, to break this deadlock. Indeed, I was pleased to be one of over 100 co-signatories on the letter to Hancock urging him to intervene.”
Medical cannabis was legalised after high-profile cases last summer. Despite the change in law, it remains difficult for many young patients to receive the necessary treatments, leaving families devastated and in despair.
Peter Carroll, from the campaign group End Our Pain that fights for access to medical cannabis, said:
“We have ended up in the bizarre and seemingly cruel situation in which the red tape surrounding access to medical cannabis is so tight that if the children at the centre of last year’s campaigns were put through it even they wouldn’t get a prescription. The NHS and the medical professional bodies have effectively blocked the entire policy. We accept that there should be a degree of caution in adopting new medicines, but the current situation is totally unacceptable.”

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  1. As long as there’s an absolute degree of caution, quite rightly said, and the opinion of two doctors make the final decision on each individual child.

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