Age UK Sutton issue urgent warning on scam – police aware

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Age UK Sutton has issued an urgent warning about a potential scam that is targeting older people. Currently it appears to be focussed on the Roundshaw area

“We have been informed by our clients that there are two men claiming they are from Age UK Sutton targeting older people in their homes. The two men have been asking older people for their pension books, bank cards and cash. The police are aware of this matter, said a spokesperson

“Age UK Sutton and Age UK do not make unsolicited home appointments or fundraising calls. Age UK Sutton will always call clients in advance of any home visits. If anyone claiming to be from Age UK Sutton knocks on your door, please make sure that you ask for identification or call us for verification on 020 8915 2233.

“If you have any doubts, or if there is anything at all that worries you or if it just doesn’t feel right, please do not answer your door and call us. If you have experienced such a visit, please notify us or the local police immediately.”

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