PT Aaron says eat more fruit and veg to maximise on your training efforts

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We all need to incorporate more fruits and veg to our diets.=, said Sutton based trainer Aaron Choi.
“Unlike a lot of foods, due to the great effects of the micro nutrients it is normally a case of ”the more the better.”
“A good amount to aim for is around 7 portions a day. In my opinion, 5 isn’t enough.. but 10 can be a bit of a stretch. 7-8 portions a day will be attainable, and should have you feeling good.
“So how do you get more? Here are some quick and easy ways..
1) Double up your veggie portions in meals
Also a good way to cut down calories in meals. If you fill the plate with more veg, there’s less room for calorie heavy carbs such as pasta and rice.
2) Try Lettuce Wraps
Try this with some shredded duck and hoisin sauce, they’re great.
3) Try replacing carbs with vegetable alternatives
Veggie noodles or courgetti are good examples. This is also a good way to cut down the calories in your meals.
4) Squeeze lemon and lime into your water
You don’t even have to go to the trouble of eating anything with this method. Plus it tastes great and is a good way to make your water less bland!
5) Add vegetable powders to porridge and cereals
Some examples are broccoli powder or maca powder. 5g in your breakfast bowl won’t taste too bad.
6) Make smoothies!
This can be a refreshing and easy way to get a lot of micro-nutrients in at once. However, make sure its more veg than fruit as the sugar content can be quite high.
For all your personal training requirement contact Aaron on [email protected]

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