Beware of catalytic converter thefts warns resident who was victim of theft

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A Sutton resident has warned all car owners of a thieves wearing hi viz jackets that are operating in the borough stealing catalytic converters.

“I had my catalytic converter stolen off my car a couple of days ago while it was parked outside my house,” said the resident.
“They jacked up the car, crawled underneath, cut it off the exhaust system and were gone in minutes! I didn’t hear of see a thing. Following research it appears that this is happening all over the country and that there are so many incidents garages don’t have replacement catalytic converters to fit. they wore hi viz jackets which made them look official.”

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  1. My Mum’s Honda Jazz was done 2 weeks ago. Problem is garage said they are getting 5-7 A WEEK coming in for repair and there are no Honda replacement sensors to be had anywhere until January. So insurance have written it off because they won’t pay for a courtesy car till then. Mum has no car and now needs to buy another. Thieves get £50 for them. What a waste and hassle.

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