Six new parking schemes will be implemented in 2020 across the borough

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A decision has been taken this week to move ahead with the implementation of six new parking schemes in 2020.

The parking consultations have been split into three geographical areas.

Following three separate consultations over the past 12 months, the council has decided to proceed with six new permit parking areas (PPA) in Geographical Area 1, covering parts of St Helier, Carshalton and Hackbridge.

A proposal for parking restrictions in Aultone Way, Sutton North, is on hold while the council further considers the representations made.

Environment and Neighbourhood Chair Councillor Manuel Abellan said:

“We received many responses to the proposals and have taken time to consider all the comments raised throughout the multiple consultations.

“Our parking plans are based in no small part on the valuable engagement and consultation we have had with residents and I believe that we are proposing will make a positive difference to improving parking in areas of acute parking pressures.”

We anticipate implementation of the following PPAs from February 1, 2020:

  • Wandle Road Hackbridge area PPA HB1 operating between 1pm – 3pm Monday to Friday
  • Hackbridge Road Area PPA HB2 operating between 8am – 6.30pm Monday to Saturday
  • Denmark Road Area PPA CS1 operating between 11am – 1pm Monday to Friday

We anticipate implementation of the following PPAs from June 1, 2020:

  • Westminster Road, St Helier area PPA SH1 operating between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday
  • Thornton Road, St Helier area PPA SH2 operating between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday
  • Stavordale Road, St Helier area PPA SH3 operating between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday

Further information will be shared shortly advising on the process and implementation programme for these plans.

“In the coming weeks we will provide an update on the next Traffic Management Order consultation for Geographical Area 1. Meanwhile residents in Geographical Area 3 are reminded that the first consultation for their area closes in two weeks. The consultation, covering parts of Cheam North, Worcester Park, Beddington and Wallington, can be completed online., said a statement

“If you’re not able to get online, you can request a paper version of the questionnaire by calling 020 8770 5000 or by picking one up from your local library. Further frequently asked questions are answered on the council’s website:”

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  1. Lib Dem’s never listened if it wasn’t for Sandra and her committee it would have been worse restrictions! It’s money making as they are charging more if you have more than one car! How will it work if I return from work at 9pm and paid for permit then find a car with no permit on taking a space up …who do I ring the police?!

  2. Fibdems implementing this after very strong objections from most, an absolute joke and another way of them ripping off the residents.
    Roll on the elections we must vote them out.

  3. Just a money making scheme for the areas that don’t need it. Where I live there is no need for parking restrictions.

  4. Night mare from the start never listen to the residents people who do shift work not bring able to park awful money making scheme selfish

  5. Absolute nonsense as per usual, what give these moronic idiots the right to charge more for permits for higher polluting vehicles? Already paying more road tax as it is but what difference is a high polluting vehicle to a lower polluting vehicle space-wise? Is this legal? Persecution surely, & please let us know what this additional revenue from these permits will pay for? Will our council be less?

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