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Community safety in Worcester Park recognised by departing PC

A PC who has spent five years working in and around Worcester Park has recognised the work of others in community safety before he leaves for a new role.

“Much crime-tackling police work and investigation doesn’t necessarily get noticed and therefore is usually, largely unappreciated. Meanwhile, something easily overlooked is how low reported crime figures are in the Nonsuch, Stonecot & Worcester Park Wards, compared to much of the rest of London,” said a spokesperson attending the event.

“For a little over five years, Nonsuch Ward (and wider Worcester Park) has enjoyed the benefit and tremendous, hands-on advantage of Safer Neighbourhoods Team PC Drew Lovell. . Unfortunately for the Worcester Park area (but I guess, fortunately for someone else), Drew is shortly to move on to a specialist policing role.

“Before his departure, Drew presented a couple of Met Police ‘Community Safety Awards’ to members of the local community who have supported the local policing efforts and assisted officers in some way. Alan Plant, CHAPRA Chair, (see photo) received one of the awards.

“Farewell Drew and thanks so much for all your support over the last 5+ years…
Worcester Park Police Sutton Police Worcester Park Neighbourhood Watch CHAPRA – Church Hill, Abbots and Priory Roads Residents Association

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