Borough launches new foster carer recruitment campaign

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The Sutton Fostering Service has officially launched its new foster carer recruitment campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the need to recruit more foster carers in Sutton to take care of the borough’s Children in Care when they cannot remain with their families.

Residents in the London Borough of Sutton are encouraged to find out more information about the campaign at:

Foster carers provide children who can’t live with their own families a safe, secure and stable home for them to live, develop and thrive. This could be for a few days, months, years or more permanently until they reach adulthood. Children may need to be in foster care at any age during their childhood; from birth to eighteen.

The campaign features a range of videos showcasing inspiring stories of children and young people who have been fostered and their foster carers. These will be shared across council platforms throughout the campaign.

The first of the two videos told the story of a couple from Sutton, who have cared for teenagers and sibling groups for over a decade. Nii Armar, foster carer said;

“My wife Abigail and I have been fostering for the last 11 years, and we have fostered a total of 23 teenagers. The experience has been wonderful. It is a satisfaction — knowing that you have provided a home.

“Fostering has changed our lives. I have learnt to be a lot more understanding, a lot more tolerant, a lot more forgiving. Being a foster carer has made me a better person.

Nii’s story is showcased as part of the Council’s goal of increasing the number of carers for teeenagers within the borough.


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