Sutton Council sets out budget for 2020/21 which includes an increase in council tax

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Sutton Council has set out how it will invest £148million in services across the borough

  • £105million protecting and caring for vulnerable adults and children

  • £32million collecting our waste, repaving and maintaining our roads, building much needed new council housing and improving our town centres and open spaces

  • £950,000 providing mental health support, helping children get a healthy start in life and more

Read the full 2020/21 budget paper.

“This year we are also investing £82million in new affordable housing, improving our towns and district centres, highways, shopping spaces, the London Cancer Hub and new and expanded schools,” said a spokesperson.

“Almost two-thirds of our budget cares for and protects vulnerable children and adults. The number of people who need these services increases every year. Because of this the cost of providing them increases too.

“Our proposed budget addresses the financial challenges we face, including:

  • The rising costs of adult social care as people live longer and have more complex needs. This year alone we need to budget for an almost £1million increase due to our aging population. We are predicting a 16% increase in the hours of adult social care we provide in 2020/21, but this could be much higher.

  • A 69% increase in the number of children we support through Education Health and Care (EHC) plans since 2014

  • The extra £13million of savings we need to make by 2022/23 (according to our latest estimates).

Our 2020/21 budget identifies £6million of savings delivered by working smarter rather than cuts to services.

“We are proposing to increase council tax by 1.99%. We are also using the Government’s adult social care tax to introduce a further 2% increase, ring fenced for adult social care.”

“Increasing council tax and using the Government’s adult social care tax will raise an extra £4million. A Band D household will pay £1.05 a week more.  “

Read the full 2020/21 budget paper.

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  1. Well have no faith in the system, son is classed disabled receives benefits and to have a carer look after him as he needs it he has to pay almost 1 of his benefits towards his own care Whens it comes to socialize he can’t because he can’t afford it. Social worker he hasn’t seen over a year.

  2. Social care budgets are spiralling out of control. More of this needs to be provided by the NHS or other Public bodies not funded through direct taxation. I don’t see why I should have to pay an extra £85 per year, on top of the £2,100 I already pay – to support feckless people who’ve had kids, despite not being financially or mentally fit to bring them up properly.

    Perhaps if I actually got something back for my £40 per week contribution, I wouldn’t feel so aggrieved – but all I get is my bins emptied, clumsily, once a fortnight. That’s it. Roads are crumbling to pieces locally, street lights are left unlit and there’s no one to clear the carpet of slippery leaves off the pavements.

  3. Do we not pay enough already, you ringfence money for adult social care but make people sell their homes to pay for their care so tell me exactly why I’m paying this increase in my council tax.

  4. I dont know where they think we will get the money from I cant keep up with them it is legal theft I am profoundly disturbed worrying about all the extra money I as a pensioner have to find to keep a roof over my head

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