Sutton EHCP support group launches new support website

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A support group which developed through concerns about the provision of Education, Health and Care plans for young people in the London Borough of Sutton has launched a new website.
“We set up the website for families as a central resource for them to find everything that they need to challenge decisions regarding EHCPs. All of us found it overwhelming to work out what we needed to do when our children’s applications were rejected and so we hope that this website makes things a bit easier,” said a spokesperson for the group
“During this period parents of children with EHCPs in Sutton have had a certain amount of support to get them through what is a very difficult time. However, that level of support has not been there for children who have been denied assessments and left on their own. This website hopefully will help those parents in carers in that position to get the help that they have a right to in the future. “

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