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Sutton Housing Partnership supports new community food shop

Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) is supporting a new community food shop that will help the most vulnerable families in Sutton.

The community food shop, run by Sutton Community Works, will help families and individuals in the borough who struggle on a low income, to select much-needed food and drink items for the cost of their weekly membership. 

To use the shop, residents need to become registered members and pay £3 a week by direct debit, which allows them to choose up to 12 items of non-perishable, chilled, and frozen items. Membership is for six months and residents can cancel their membership at any time.

Steve Tucker, Managing Director of Sutton Housing Partnership, said: “At SHP, we are committed to supporting residents and their families to maintain good health and wellbeing. This year has been tough for so many of our residents who struggle to buy healthy and nutritious food and essential items on a low income, so I’m delighted that we are supporting Sutton Community Works in bringing this new community food shop to Sutton Town Centre. 

“Our in-house repairs team was able to be a part of the project by providing and installing new shelving and other fittings and painting the shop in preparation for its first customers next month.  This service will be of immense value to families who join up and subscribe and will also connect them with other opportunities to improve wellbeing and future prospects for their household.”

Members can pick items up every week on Thursday and Friday mornings from 10am–12.30pm, starting from Thursday 3 December.

The community food shop can be found on the ground floor of St Nicholas Shopping Centre, St Nicholas Way SM1 1AY (between Deichmanns and Sean Hannah).

Register and pay for membership of the community food shop (opens in new window)

If you have an emergency need for food you can still be referred to the Sutton Food Bank.

For more information or any queries visit Sutton Community Works or email

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