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Sutton’s new Stay Safe Champions hit the streets!

A new team of eight council champions has hit the borough’s streets this week to help keep Sutton safe.

Their role is to reassure, advise and guide the public and businesses over the next four months, as well as report any breaches of lockdown regulations to the appropriate regulatory services.  They will also report environmental issues, such as fly tipping and damage to parks equipment.

The Council champions will be joined at the end of the month by a network of volunteers in an ambitious move to have ‘eyes and ears’ all over the borough. So they can be seen out and about, all the Champions  will wear high-vis jackets with the council logo and carry ID cards.

The Stay Safe Champions will be on the streets in the daytime seven days a week, as well as Friday/Saturday evenings, and will work in pairs. 

Part of their remit is to remind and encourage people to follow the COVID-19 public health measures, such as social distancing, wearing face coverings where required and avoiding social mixing.  The Champions will also provide advice and support to businesses on managing queueing arrangements for take-away and click and collect services.

Councillor Jayne McCoy, Deputy Leader of the Council, said:

“With regulations changing all the time, the Council wants to ensure everyone understands the current requirements. 

“Through their highly visible presence, our new Stay Safe Champions will support, advise and help our residents and businesses throughout the borough’s high streets, district centres and parks, helping everyone to feel safe as they go about their business.

”This is a new initiative the Council is taking to keep Sutton’s residents and businesses safe and supported during the lockdown and after.”

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